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Оригинал >>1983071
safe1709063 artist:jargon scott2427 edit132773 princess cadance32509 queen chrysalis34834 alicorn224956 changeling47769 changeling queen16569 bait and switch632 changeling feeding297 comic109209 crossed arms5114 crossed hooves1951 cyrillic2496 dialogue65656 duo61567 eyes closed93812 female1365524 food70268 gorph4 heart48460 heart eyes16645 hoof hold8323 mare481898 meat1885 mushroom949 onomatopoeia4276 peetzer121 pepperoni430 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1932 ponies eating meat980 russian4514 simple background394337 teasing3764 that pony sure does love pizza119 translation2395 white background98139 wingding eyes22339 yoink61


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