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Оригинал >>1983071
safe1767965 artist:jargon scott2604 edit137731 princess cadance33372 queen chrysalis35718 alicorn235816 changeling50488 changeling queen18093 bait and switch656 changeling feeding312 comic112302 crossed arms5475 crossed hooves2037 cyrillic2674 dialogue68895 duo66117 eyes closed99787 female1416939 food74037 gorph4 heart50690 heart eyes17725 hoof hold8794 mare510035 meat1988 mushroom999 onomatopoeia4721 peetzer124 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pizza2034 ponies eating meat1015 russian4681 simple background414869 teasing3930 that pony sure does love pizza124 translation2450 white background104111 wingding eyes23791 yoink63


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