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safe1769660 artist:jargon scott2608 queen chrysalis35744 changeling50565 changeling queen18149 2 panel comic1419 bugs doing bug things95 comic112435 dialogue69011 fangs27266 female1418380 food74125 frown23908 glare8334 implied princess cadance275 leaning3792 licking21113 long tongue2253 looking at something2774 meat1991 mlem926 open mouth158150 peetzer124 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pizza2039 silly7601 silly changeling33 simple background415562 slit pupils5194 solo1108365 talking6383 tasting54 tongue out109967 white background104342


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Background Pony #8AED
“It’s… it’s good. No, it’s delicious! Why did no one tell me about this stuff?!

I am human, hear me err.
I can see this from Chrysalis’ point of view. If the choice is eating something, or at least tasting something, that she doesn’t want to and answering a question she doesn’t want to, the choice is clear.
Background Pony #0BDB
But that’s silly. Everyone knows that Changelings eat canned pasta products, such as Spagoots(tm).
Background Pony #F7F5
The secret is that changelings didn’t need love, they needed greasy cheese and cheap deli meat.