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safe1691816 artist:jargon scott2333 queen chrysalis34523 changeling46847 changeling queen16085 2 panel comic1214 bugs doing bug things84 comic108226 dialogue64635 fangs24890 female1349724 food69193 frown22605 glare8206 implied princess cadance252 leaning3547 licking19975 long tongue2086 looking at something2574 meat1858 mlem884 open mouth142868 peetzer118 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1907 silly7401 silly changeling32 simple background388542 slit eyes4502 solo1054257 talking5471 tasting54 tongue out102491 white background96439


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Background Pony #8AED
"It's… it's good. No, it's delicious! Why did no one tell me about this stuff?!"

I can see this from Chrysalis' point of view. If the choice is eating something, or at least tasting something, that she doesn't want to and answering a question she doesn't want to, the choice is clear.
Background Pony #0BDB
But that's silly. Everyone knows that Changelings eat canned pasta products, such as Spagoots™.
Background Pony #F7F5
The secret is that changelings didn't need love, they needed greasy cheese and cheap deli meat.