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I found
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So to join in on the discussion, ive had freshly made cider, litterly fresh as in i brought the apples myself and got to use a manual press to make it. and there wasa layer of foam ontop and the person who makes fresh cider like this for a living told me it was fine as it usually happens when i asked about the foam since i hadnt seen foam like that before.

you can have foam in cider without alcohol being in it.
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Overridden by the fact that cider does not come fresh from the press containing alcohol.
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Again, if you have not drunk fresh-off-the-farm cider (OK OK unfiltered apple juice), then you just don't know.

I had to go through so much crap as a kid trying to get cider after that glorious batch I had on the farm when I was really young. Yeah, many Americans don't understand the "American" definition. So I make it a point to call it cider.

I would like to think this wasn't just "lol alcohol on a kid's show" but an actual acknowledgment of how incredible fresh cider is.
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What we consider normal, soda root beer was originally an alcoholic beer made from the sarsaparilla root or something similar. Alcoholic root beer does exist but it's harder to find due to soda root beer being more in demand and having a larger audience.
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I live in an apple producing region, and the local cider mills are every bit as hectic as in that episode. Enjoying fresh cider with cider donuts is a yearly ritual for just about everyone.
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In my headcannon the apple family uses a particular type of apple from their orchard that is already fermented (because Equestria is magical after all) but it's probably only 3-5%

Wait… is that a TVtropes link OH GAK, I'LL BE STUCK FOR DAYS
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This episode was probably the most magnificent examples of getting crap past the radar I've ever seen. The writers and animators certainly knew that "cider" outside the US was an alcoholic drink, and were playing the ambiguity to the hilt. That the stuff was shown to be fresh-squeezed apple juice doesn't change the fact that the ponies were getting tipsy off of it, as any adult watching would've picked up on. Applejack's letter to Celestia, where she was sounding practically drunk, cinches it.
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I make "hard cider", by taking real cider, that's alcoholic because its cider, and freezing it in an ice cube tray.

That way you can have ice in your cider without diluting it.


(I'm slightly trolling by this point, but booze-cubes are fantastic!)
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So… in Americaland; Cider isn't alcoholic and you make beer from apples.

Dear Princess Celestia,
I don't even…
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Whatever America might think cider, pants, or anything else is doesn't matter. Let's just focus on what actually happens in the episode. I think we can all tell this is clearly meant to be alchoholic, no-one would get that excited over applejuice. And if I knew how to link images, I'd show a few reactions to drinking it.