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A sequel of sorts to the Captivity of Adult Yona:

Here we see Adult Yona’s rehabilitation after her prolonged captivity to the devious Iron Legion, who used her as a lab rat of sorts for sensitivity increasing rune writing on her feet and ears. The result of which during her captivity was a poor Yona who was intensely tickled to so many mind melting orgasms. When rescued, her feet where so sensitive that she couldn’t walk on it without squealing, moaning and otherwise being helplessly compromised.
Now weeks on from her freedom, the majority of runic magic was dispelled from these cruel tattoos, but they can never truly be removed, meaning while it’s not “As bad” in sensitivity as it was, Yona needs to learn to live with the sensations of walking on grass feeling the equivalent of someone giving nibbling kisses to her pussy lips.
Sandbar and Ocellus have been a big part of this rehabilitation process. Trying to rewire an already once rewired mind and body so that Yona can feel peace and comfort with this increased and distracting sensations. It may takes months of sessions but her friends are willing to do what it takes to allow Yona to once again be able to walk and run with composure and confidence.
The power of tickle and teased induced friendship will prevail.
Some fun details:  
  • Her captivity collar has its tag changed to “Free”  
  • Her property marking on her horn has been removed, leaving a indented space  
  • Her clothing is more darker now, signaling her change post-rescue.  
  • The bondage is there for her safety (And, sure to her rewiring in captivity, it does make her feel more safe.) and I tried to make it look comfy and gentle.

suggestive193477 artist:caroo934 ocellus6924 sandbar6895 yona6480 anthro368507 plantigrade anthro53202 g42064914 blushing281971 body writing2755 bondage47469 bondage mitts377 breasts400911 clothes650467 collar49287 crying56567 ear tag743 feet55656 female1844105 fetish58649 foot fetish12224 happy bondage931 interspecies33224 iron legion11 male564862 moaning9719 older ocellus186 older sandbar150 older yona150 open mouth245652 pet tag2622 runes789 ship:yonabar431 shipping259177 skirt57365 soles7213 squirming289 stocks1589 story included13416 straight183107 sweat42006 tattoo8446 tears of pleasure1184 teary eyes7113 teasing5175 tickle fetish2343 tickling6018 toe tied748 toes9666


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Background Pony #FF53
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Is the Yonabar Tag applicable here? Yona’s blush and the heart symbols that is embroidering both of their dialogue signals that it is.