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GIF Animation: www.deviantart.com/freeedon/ar…
Video animation: "youtu.be/tXlIWBStPDA":youtu.be/tXlIWBStPDA
safe1750737 artist:freeedon275 oc712048 oc only465514 bear1354 pony1010691 squirrel1052 unicorn342362 semi-anthro13588 :<1085 :i1612 american flag425 animated in description79 bed42356 bedroom10927 book34532 cheek fluff5928 clock1965 clothes476126 commission73079 curtains2057 cute205729 ear fluff31199 eating9957 eye clipping through hair6414 female1402084 filly69637 flag4027 floppy ears54513 fluffy14705 food72986 grin40938 hoof hold8610 lamp2766 leg fluff3198 looking up17141 mare502270 neck fluff842 night27359 picture1359 picture frame846 pillow18657 pipe743 robe3752 sitting65597 smiling261033 squee1974 stars16290 sticky note252 sweater14924 tea3126 window8923


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I have tried my best,but I still can't extract other hebrew character.
I hate my translation application…