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Little pip still best girl

she also has infinite ammo…somehow
safe1724570 artist:pizzamovies417 derpibooru exclusive28720 oc695982 oc:littlepip4118 pony984817 unicorn331253 fallout equestria17241 animated99498 cutie mark48359 fanfic10481 fanfic art14595 female1379110 gif31525 glowing horn19990 gritted teeth12489 gun16119 handgun2789 hooves18021 horn70235 levitation12286 little macintosh551 magic74163 mare489724 muzzle flash46 optical sight953 pipbuck3527 pistol2114 plot80380 revolver1617 rock4551 shooting516 solo1076451 telekinesis28151 wasteland1252 weapon30861


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