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Bases by KatNekoBase and FrostyBases
Piranha Plant, Inkling, Isabelle and K.Rool belong to Nintendo
Simon Belmont belongs to Konami
Our newest Smashers are gathered for a celebration breakfast to get them to introduce each other.
Piranha brought extra pancakes and also a surprise! The others are surprised that a plant is joining their newcomer breakfast. Yet, we love him anyways.
Oh my god! Tommorow’s the day that the new Smash game releases!
safe1751922 artist:frostybases18 artist:katnekobase135 artist:volcanicdash64 inkling167 pony1011792 animal crossing743 annoyed5604 banner2074 base used21825 castlevania340 comic111536 crown17983 fangs26727 food73055 hair covering face45 inkling girl24 isabelle171 jewelry68476 king k. rool20 konami859 nintendo3630 pancakes1379 piranha plant101 ponified42022 regalia21181 simon belmont35 splatoon359 super mario bros.4073 super smash bros.1168 super smash bros. ultimate202


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Brass Melody
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Gas Loving Banana Boy
“They’re not putting Waluigi in but they’re putting in Petey the Pirahna Plant? AAAAAAAAAAGH!”
Heavy breathing intensifies
““Never ask for anything again.