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It’s about damn time I remake this w/ better quality (Netflix rip)  
For those continuity-obsessed folks, Forgotten Friendship takes place after the first 11 shorts and CYOAs (Fall School Play: Dazzled).
safe1862111 screencap241966 applejack180959 fluttershy227736 pinkie pie229661 rarity194975 sci-twi27338 sunset shimmer68887 twilight sparkle320015 a queen of clubs232 display of affection176 equestria girls222415 equestria girls series37249 forgotten friendship5974 opening night285 rarity investigates: the case of the bedazzled boot351 stressed in show428 stressed in show: rainbow dash77 super squad goals262 continuity105 crystal guardian593 detective rarity756 female1501709 geode of shielding2629 geode of sugar bombs2402 implied wallflower blush19 magical geodes10693 memory ribbon19 mind rape39 super ponied up563


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Background Pony #5333
Just like when my hard drive failed and lost all my .fla files that I didn’t back up at that time. Losing all those frames felt exactly the same. Luckily I managed to restore them with Disk Drill. I can relate.

@Gian Song Yim  
Uh no. Not really. Here’s this from Legend of Everfee. All movies happened in one year: Rarity: [sighs] I’m just after some R&R. The past year has all been a bit too much for my tastes.  
Pinkie Pie: I’ll say! We fought three evil sirens who tried to hypnotize everybody with their singing, one ridiculously competitive rival school, and two demon friends! [to Sunset and Twilight] Uh, heh-heh, no offense.