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Here is Part 3 of The 2018 Halloween Requests!  
Enjoy! Happy Halloween! If you want to get in the next action, be sure to follow…
suggestive160026 artist:johnjoseco4490 sunset shimmer68971 genie1696 human180426 equestria girls222603 armlet253 armpits44364 belly button88915 belly dancer outfit409 bikini20726 bikini top2181 blushing222127 breasts315844 busty sunset shimmer6328 clothes519535 cutie mark on human2274 female1502966 grayscale41579 humanized105749 jewelry80264 leg bracelet37 loincloth1313 looking at you196669 monochrome158203 nail polish9030 open mouth176459 shantae317 shantae: risky's revenge4 sketch68773 solo1184484 swimsuit32289


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Yep, that’s right. I actually knew about the other “Space Princess” costume, but I thought she had the one from Risky’s Revenge as a hard mode in Pirate’s Curse. Don’t know why.
Background Pony #DD71
Sunset dressed in a Shantae princess outfit= Holy lewdness this is beautiful! Thank you John Joseco! Love your art always!