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Some of you guys are alright, don’t go to Sweet Apple Acres tomorrow.

safe2209922 artist:rigamortis_man28 marble pie8471 earth pony520354 pony1640449 g42064704 my little pony best gift ever2695 alone505 car8519 car interior405 car seat52 clothes650316 coffee cup632 cup9292 cup holder10 depressed1269 driving1146 earth1458 elliot rodger9 female1843735 forever alone262 grimdark description10 grimdark in the description13 grimdark source177 hair over one eye13261 heartbroken marble109 hoodie21179 imminent death3241 implied big macintosh581 implied murder1259 implied straight6656 incel42 incelpie32 intentional spelling error80 kony 20123 lonely682 loss (meme)360 mare767120 meme95117 moments before disaster226 solo1455540 steering wheel271 suggestive description67 suggestive source50 supreme gentleman3 supreme gentlemare3 the implications are horrible371 this will end in death3783 virgin1034 window14965 youtube3230 youtube video695


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Background Pony #B01B
She’s a supreme gentlemare, but colts just want to have quick fun with the Stacies!  
She’ll give ’em what for, soon enough…
Background Pony #106B
Maybe if you got rid of that emo ass manecut you’d get some stallions in your pie. Oh, better yet, maybe Big Mac’ll call your sorry flank if he stops fooling around with that ex-commie baker he married. Filly.