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Dear Farseer Taldeer,
Today I found out that some Mon'keigh quadrupled from a planet far, far away long ago had a sweet voice that sounded like yours. I hope you would be pleased with her as your new battle-steed.

From your faithful trooper,

Happy Halloween!

TL;DR: Taldeer riding on Celestia into battle, accompanied by a tall, teal deer with magical/psyker wings. You know the one thing they have in common, do you?

safe1726264 artist:horsesplease902 princess celestia95775 alicorn228318 deer5923 eldar80 aeldari1 aeldari riding ponies1 crossover62925 dawn of war43 eldar riding ponies1 farseer16 farseer taldeer12 female1380638 gun16139 handgun2794 magic74248 mare490558 nicole oliver179 paint tool sai1105 pistol2117 rearing5782 riding7549 shooting516 smiling254125 smirk12713 spread wings55687 sword11806 voice actor joke2036 warhammer (game)2123 warhammer 40k2048 weapon30904 wings111213


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Quadrupled or quadruped? A "mon'keigh quadrupled" sounds like she's calling someone a double mon'keigh, twice. Which might even be in character for her.
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Both Celestia and Farseer Taldeer are voiced by the same VA.
(She also did the voices for the Howling Banshees).

It gets more linked when you see just how many of the Dawn of War VA's are in the cast for MLP.

The Avatar? Snails.
Chaos Lord? Chief Thunderhooves.
Orks and Guard? Big Mac.

Here. Found an old list.