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Pinkie Pie is tripping on a rock at this very moment.
And now she’s falling down.
Oh no.

safe2208519 edit176809 edited screencap93171 screencap298761 maud pie15174 pinkie pie259623 starlight glimmer60976 earth pony519762 pony1638903 unicorn554995 g42063516 rock solid friendship1362 animated128331 bipedal50762 cave4645 cavern445 crystal4276 distorted53 distortion91 dynamite322 dynamite plunger4 explosives434 female1842057 frown37014 gem10794 gem cave232 glowing20337 glowing gems58 grin64540 grotto10 hard hat946 helmet16249 lake2262 maud's cave64 mine231 mining helmet549 moss232 mushroom1488 plant3564 saturated96 seizure warning3197 slow motion254 smiling410309 sound17764 tripping464 trippy250 underground266 wat21978 waterfall2260 webm26775


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