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safe (1361733)artist:jeremywithlove (48)twilight sparkle (248450)adorable face (684)animated (81030)blinking (2706)bronybait (2516)cute (136483)female (698017)golden oaks library (3686)heart eyes (10684)looking at you (112120)mare (304667)pony (638005)solo (838038)twiabetes (7359)unicorn (179447)weapons-grade cute (2538)wingding eyes (14650)


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I'm Depressed
Desert Storm: Uh Twily, what are you- (Twilight sparkle kisses Desert Storm)
Twilight sparkle: shhhhh Desey, were all alone here, let’s go to my Bedroom and Study me.
Desert Storm: uh I don’t think ist a Good idea Twily but I’m doing this once and they Both had sex and Had a Child
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Comments22 comments posted