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Who’s a silly pony?

safe2153297 artist:twiren360 princess celestia111787 princess luna116251 alicorn309846 pony1581225 g42006274 :t4427 candy9793 carrot on a stick93 cloud42538 colored pupils13119 cute263074 cutelestia4253 duo164163 ear fluff49195 eyes on the prize6775 featured image1194 female1780022 fishing rod510 fluffy19259 food99901 freckles42928 happy43856 leg fluff4790 levitation16052 looking up23594 lunabetes4327 lure27 magic95463 mare727564 nom3523 open mouth232825 outdoors20690 pink-mane celestia3105 raised hoof68419 raised leg11595 rod31 royal sisters6566 s1 luna8441 siblings21156 silly8823 silly pony3504 sisters17554 sky22598 smiling389438 telekinesis38554 this will end in snuggles41 wavy mouth5446 weapons-grade cute4628 wing fluff2289 younger22615


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Background Pony #D413
@O. Hancock
My sister has horses and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them prank each other…
They were clearly doing this only when you weren’t looking. This is like Pranking 101 – avoid unlawful acts in front of the lawful authorities.
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im rather curious why the Woona tag got removed. I mean it IS woona even if the tag isnt there lol.
Note: no disrspect intended, just genuine wonderment
“Woona” is a very specific tag that is used for the much shorter and generally more gray-toned version of Luna that Egophiliac introduced in their comic years back.
Background Pony #9D15
A safe Twiren Picture? And a Twiren Feature? Am I dreaming?
Congrats on the feature, mang. You deserve it, you’re stuff is great.
Signing off,