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safe2114963 screencap286391 starlight glimmer58494 pony1475605 unicorn511089 father knows beast988 g41381913 animated121870 bath3435 bathtub2287 bathtub gag28 female1736661 hat119208 levitation15706 magic93608 magic bubble175 mare701173 rude199 self-levitation724 shower cap111 solo1379429 suds223 telekinesis37755 twilight's castle5260


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Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

@Background Pony #C87C  
Stralight: man we got a large thief of clovers on our lawn (bathtub breaks in reverse) no no no no NO NOOO!  
Pinkie: Oh hey Starlight.(Castle breaks in reverse she shoots out of cannon in reverse and Fluttershy lights it in reverse) Austrillia here I come.
Background Pony #2302
I’m not a fan of Glimmer. So I’m not easily amused at anything she does or what happens to her… that is until this part happened. XD
Twi Clown
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Übermensch in training
You know is a good thing she’s a cartoon colorful pony in a G-rated nudistic society. Otherwise even after saving herself with magic she would have been humiliated.