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A thing I used to post on the shithole that is 4chan.



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Background Pony #9B05
@Background Pony #8FAF  
Imagine condemning a whole-ass person with hopes and dreams just like anyone else, simply because they don’t identify as the gender they were born as. Compassion and acceptance will prevail and society will leave bigots like you behind in the dust. You can’t stop it, so why do you persist?
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

Nobody gives a shit about “sexism”, “transphobia” or “hate speech”, it’s 4chan, if you can’t handle it then just go away.  
*goes to 4chan /mlp/*  
*porn banned*  
*suggestive artwork banned*  
*filly anon banned, but not colt anon*  
*aryanne banned*  
*chickun banned*  
*fluffy ponies banned*  
*tulpas banned*  
*mentioning jews banned*  
*mentioning racism banned*  
*dubs banned*
>There’s no use whining about it,
there’s no use going to 4chan at all!

Go back to Reddit, or Something Awful. If they wanted to enforce hate speech rules, every European poster on /pol/ would be visited by the local bobbies and fucked hard.
But they won’t, because you don’t plug pressure release valves unless you want an explosion, and the people in charge of things don’t want an explosion. Yet.

@Background Pony #D9AB  
Wrong. CP, gore, furry, explicit material on worksafe boards, flooding, advertising, crossboard raids, all of it will get you b&, and depending on the board, so will completely off-topic posting (saw it just yesterday.) Nobody gives a shit about “sexism”, “transphobia” or “hate speech”, it’s 4chan, if you can’t handle it then just go away.
Background Pony #AFF6
It’s not so much that ponies aren’t allowed outside /mlp/ and more the fact that this is the only rule they choose to actually enforce.

It’s against the rules on every board but one. There’s no use whining about it, and pointing at other people saying they’re doing stuff you don’t like doesn’t even make any sense. If you don’t like what people are discussing, just go away. If you want to post pone, go to /mlp/. It’s people like you who got pone quarantined in the first place.