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safe1707108 artist:racoonsan552 fluttershy212727 human154726 equestria girls200543 equestria girls series33022 forgotten friendship5375 adorasexy9779 anime5546 barrette392 beach14933 beach babe680 beautiful5580 big breasts82118 blushing197762 breasts277843 busty fluttershy17232 clothes459868 cloud30743 curvy6677 cute199890 equestria girls outfit2428 eyeshadow15632 female1363713 geode of fauna1836 hairclip1100 hairpin1737 human coloration5199 humanized100091 looking at you168748 makeup21494 necklace18808 sexy29445 shyabetes13823 sitting63281 skintight clothes784 smiling248654 solo1064694 stupid sexy fluttershy1071 swimsuit28294 wet8053 wetsuit763


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Background Pony #DFBF
Whoa Fluttershy, you look sexy and hot today in that wetsuit of yours. I never knew a wetsuit can be sexy. Now please, unzip your suit and we'll swim together naked.
Posted Report
The Dark Pony

@The Dark Pony
Scratch that, when it said they weren't waterproof it meant water enters through areas like the zippers, but the material is still waterproof.

That being said… what do you suppose she's wearing under that wetsuit?
The Dark Pony

You think that's a wetsuit or a drysuit? (I'd like to think it's a wetsuit, which doesn't keep the water out but keeps you warm, drysuits are the waterproof ones. I do have a platonic wam interest that a true wetsuit would satisfy)