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safe1725795 alternate version47077 artist:racoonsan556 rarity183524 human156595 school daze2797 anime5594 beautiful5666 blurry background848 breasts282980 chalkboard2858 classroom1657 cloth245 clothes466730 crossed legs3267 cummerbund34 desk3287 eyelashes11496 eyeshadow16058 feet40627 female1380225 horn70538 horned humanization6836 hot for teacher58 humanized100852 indoors3240 legs8642 looking at you171902 makeup22074 missing shoes520 nail polish7923 necktie7422 pantyhose3452 pointer116 raritights40 sash289 school of friendship1279 schoolmarm rarity111 sexy30020 shirt25480 sitting64326 skirt40344 smiling254022 socks67379 solo1077273 spool141 stupid sexy rarity1268 teacher958 tight clothing2594 toes6433


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Background Pony #44F1
It's only when I found art like this did I discover why people were so estatic about her outfit in the S* premiere.

In Treue fest
Lovely Rarity! She certainly knows how to keep her student's attention.
She's looking fine in those tights. Utterly irresistible.