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safe1946095 artist:ryuu171 applejack186363 rainbow dash257175 equestria girls230822 equestria girls series38329 lost and found284 adorasexy11227 anime6563 applejack's hat11577 arm behind head8305 armpits44999 beach18920 beach umbrella611 belly button94059 blue skin253 blushing234709 board shorts111 cap5719 chillaxing166 clothes549612 cowboy hat21432 cowgirl711 crossed legs4055 cute232047 dashabetes10806 duo107086 duo female18742 feet47956 female1579351 geode of super speed2995 geode of super strength2741 glasses75962 hat106378 jewelry88566 looking at you212327 magical geodes11054 midriff21393 necklace25257 one eye closed39113 pink eyes1109 ponytail22204 relaxing1765 sand3011 sandals5100 scene interpretation9829 sexy36728 shorts16871 sleeping26365 smiling323531 stupid sexy rainbow dash4038 sunglasses18147 sunglasses on head143 swimsuit34253 umbrella3185 wink29178 winking at you2156 zzz2878


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The Dark Pony

I’d like to see one of her swimming next. (She does actually swim, right? What’s the point of having a swimsuit if you won’t go swimming, besides she’s an athlete)
Cool Crow - "Caw!" An awesome tagger
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant

The Rainbooms’ Instagram :  
“20% Relaxed in the summer day, forget AJ sleeping on the background! XD”
Rainbow Dash : Ha! I’m really the coolest and cutest gal in this pleasant beach day!