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safe1919125 artist:ryuu171 applejack184744 rainbow dash254879 equestria girls228224 equestria girls series37941 lost and found284 adorasexy11137 anime6459 applejack's hat11280 arm behind head8116 armpits44835 beach18573 beach umbrella599 belly button92522 blue skin246 blushing230994 board shorts111 cap5601 chillaxing166 clothes540227 cowboy hat20959 cowgirl696 crossed legs3930 cute228366 dashabetes10674 duo100616 duo female17591 feet47170 female1554548 geode of super speed2989 geode of super strength2735 glasses74596 hat104094 jewelry85996 looking at you207348 magical geodes10981 midriff21168 necklace24830 one eye closed38441 pink eyes1071 ponytail21820 relaxing1743 sand2963 sandals5010 scene interpretation9692 sexy35998 shorts16604 sleeping26043 smiling315381 stupid sexy rainbow dash3871 sunglasses17765 sunglasses on head132 swimsuit33827 umbrella3138 wink28880 winking at you2043 zzz2833


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The Dark Pony

I’d like to see one of her swimming next. (She does actually swim, right? What’s the point of having a swimsuit if you won’t go swimming, besides she’s an athlete)
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“20% Relaxed in the summer day, forget AJ sleeping on the background! XD”
Rainbow Dash : Ha! I’m really the coolest and cutest gal in this pleasant beach day!