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suggestive132917 artist:hoodie342 edit123303 oc628838 oc:moonslurps140 bat pony45124 anthro240766 plantigrade anthro29089 anthro oc28598 bat pony oc15122 blushing182989 clothes427011 collar30299 crossdressing8616 cute186663 cute little fangs1871 duster809 fangs22909 femboy8371 gloves18280 leash7187 maid5453 male344686 miniskirt4837 moe1325 ocbetes4502 skirt37112 socks59847 solo1005462 solo male24762 stallion98115 stockings29882 thigh highs30638 zettai ryouiki1774


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Background Pony #0272
Oh also thanks! (I tried putting "with apologies to moonslurps 'n hoodie" in my source link but it only let me put the URL in)
Background Pony #0272

Ah, the "source" link is the PSD. (you can even see that I basically just painted over) I guess I shoulda gone PNG for the export tho.
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It's not a pain to the eye so I wouldn't worry about it, the one thing I would recommend though is saving as lossless PNG, since I do the see the artifacts of jepg in the gradients now. Otherwise not a bad job, hope moonslurps doesn't mind, maybe I'll leave a mention just to be sure.
Background Pony #0272

Nah, just some rando chump's poor edit. The extra frill pieces and shading is completely off the mark. I didn't realize 'til I was done that the shading on the frills in the middle should be a little closer to the skirt as they're not directly past a fold, which would add some extra occlusion to the light coming down. And the shadow directly underneath that middle part is completely off the mark.
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Gone to Ponybooru
Well, that collar maybe a biiiiiiiiit too suggestive…it would be awkward to explain to the colts and fillies… :P

Best keep bat maid in the adult's chambers. He's going to be very busy there anyway, amirite? :3