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safe1750738 artist:albinnada21 princess celestia96765 princess luna100792 alicorn232926 pony1010695 :p9458 abstract background16069 chest fluff41221 colored wings6533 colored wingtips1702 confetti2019 crown17964 cute205729 cutelestia3670 duo64748 eye contact6606 female1402086 floppy ears54513 fluffy14705 grin40938 jewelry68317 leg fluff3198 looking at each other21457 lunabetes3638 mare502270 messy mane7925 missing accessory8381 missing cutie mark4778 raised hoof48443 regalia21153 royal sisters4602 s1 luna7409 silly7546 simple background409188 sitting65597 smiling261033 spread wings57077 squee1974 tongue out108287 unshorn fetlocks27187 wavy mouth3866 white background102498 wing fluff1684 wings123144


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