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safe1749258 artist:discordthege308 oc711234 oc only465022 oc:wistful galaxy65 bat pony52122 pony1009441 bat pony oc18828 bat wings10026 castle2114 cloud32045 colored hooves6354 commission72929 crescent moon1923 digital art20127 ear fluff31135 female1400827 flower26684 flower in hair8064 flying39384 full moon3557 jewelry68050 looking at you175467 mare501654 moon24085 necklace20292 night27329 night sky1866 scenery8220 signature26845 sky14950 smiling260502 solo1093604 spread wings56986 starry night717 vertigo244 windswept mane2866 windswept tail153 wing claws269 wings122851


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AJ Aficionado
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Applejack Aficionado
I've seen thousands upon thousands of images on this site but this one is a muse. I haven't felt this much respect for a piece of art in a very long time. Hello, new desktop background!