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safe1689238 artist:bluse391 rarity180221 sweetie belle48670 pony950900 unicorn315981 acne114 carousel boutique2108 crying42999 duo59630 fainting couch919 female1347200 filly65450 makeup20938 mare472571 marshmelodrama803 mascarity86 ocular gushers302 pimple35 rarity is not amused430 running makeup2088 show accurate14344 sisters8642 sweetie belle is not amused145 the worst possible thing109 umbrella2612 unamused15949 whining236 window8363


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Background Pony #3DCF
Pimple Face:


Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity/Lotus Blossom/Aloe Vera

Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle

Hayson Thiessen as Royal Messenger

Andrea Libman as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie

Ashleigh Ball as Applejack and Rainbow Dash

Cathy Weseluck as Spike

Kyle Rideout as General Wing

Claire Corlett as Sweetie Belle

Rebecca Shoichet as Sugar Belle

The Sun Rises over Carousel Boutique as Rarity woke up from bed as Opalescence was sleeping, "good morning Opal, how do you sleep, oh I need to get up, working on dresses need to do it!" Rarity said as she got up and went to the shower, "maybe after making dress, I think, I should go to the spa with Fluttershy to relax!" Rarity said as she got out of the shower, she got her hair brush and brush her hair and put on her makeup.

But when she go to the mirror to her beautiful self in it, "and now to see my beautiful self in this mirr…!" Rarity was shock to see in the mirror it was…

"A Pimple!" Rarity was shock and see a mirror, "Opal do you see that on Mama's face!" Rarity shock and said, Opal continue to sleep, "maybe what if, I have it and everypony see it and disgusted and what if, I'm not beautiful…!" Rarity going to start to cry but Sweetie Belle can in, "goodmorning Rarity how you are d…oing?" Sweetie Belle said as she see's a pimple on her sister's face.

"Sweetie Belle could you leave the room and wright to Twilight and the others to come to me!" Rarity said as Opal and Sweetie Belle close the door as she close the door, Rarity's cry was out of the room as Sweetie Belle was worried, "okey Opal let's go to Twilight for help!" Sweetie Belle and she and Opal leave Rarity's door as she continue crying.


That the train station, Twilight was worried about Rarity, "are you really shoure this note is from Rarity!" Twilight said, "Yes ma'm it is from her!" the Royal Messager said, "let's go Twilight, Rarity is in trouble!" Spike said as he got on the train, "okey Spike let's go!" Twilight said as they got on the train.

At Carousel Boutique, the mane 4 and Sweetie Belle and Opal on her back and hear Rarity crying as Twilight and Spike came, "good thing you came Twi!" Applejack said, "so a pimple is on her face!" Rainbow Dash said, "yay Rarity have it and could't stop crying!" Sweetie Belle said, "okey let's go see her!" Twilight said as they went in Rarity's house.

The mane 4 and Sweetie Belle came to Rarity's door, "Rarity it's use your friends can we come in!" Pinkie Pie said, "go away I can't be seen with this (crying)"! Rarity cried, "Rarity, were here for you can we come in!" Twilight said and touch the door as Rarity open the door.

"Okey, are you happy"! Rarity said as her mascara was down her face, "we are your friends and we're going to help you!" Fluttershy said, "how with this horrified thing, I can't be beautiful ever again (crying)!" Rarity continue to cry and lied down on her fainting counch as her tears flood down and Sweetie Belle levitate an umbrella as her tears came down, "we have some ideas get rived of the pimple!" Applejack said as she touch Rarity's shoulder with her hoof as Rarity smiled,

A Sweet Apple Acres, Rarity and Applejack went to Sugar Belle as Big Mac and Apple bloom were working, "hey Sugar Belle can you help us!" Applejack said to her sister in law, who was sitting on the chair holding her belly, "sure Applejack what is it?" she said, "do you know how to get rived a pimple on Rarity's face?" Applejack said, "well maybe we put applesauce and we can get at pimple off!" Sugar Belle said as she, Rarity, and Applejack went in the kitchen.

Sugar Belle got some applesauce and open the jar, "now hold still Rarity!" Sugar Belle said as she spread the applesauce all over Rarity, "my hair!" Rarity screamed as the applesauce is all over her hair and run as Sugar Belle and Applejack watch her, and Big Mac and Apple Bloom watch her and started to laugh, Rarity went to the sink and wash the applesauce off, "finally all this applesauce goon out of my hair is the pimple gone?" Rarity said, "well no!" Applejack said as Rarity faints on the floor as Sugar Belle and Applejack were worried at her as Big Mac and Applebloom laugh.

At the paint shop, Rainbow tried to get the pimple off by paint it, "how about this!" Rainbow Dash paint Rarity with rainbow colors and finish painting, "how is it look Rar?" Rainbow said, Rarity was covered in paint and said "no!" as Rainbow Smiled Nervously.

In the forest, Fluttershy was on a tree getting honey from the bees, "how's this, Rarity!" Fluttershy said as she poured honey on her face, "mmhh, this honey is good and sweet and…!" Rarity and Fluttershy hear something is coming it was Harry, he saw honey on Rarity's face and run at her, "aaaahhhhh!" Rarity screamed as she run and ran around in circles and ran into a tree as the bee hive fell down on Rarity's head and she screamed as she get stung by the bees and Harry run after her, after that Rarity got stung and scraches on her face, "sorry Rarity but your pimple is not gone!" Fluttershy smiled nervously as Rarity angered.

At the spa, ALoe and Lotus were putting a facial on Rarity's face, "this would get the pimple off your face, Miss Rarity!" Aole said as she put cucumbers on her eyes, "yes I hope it would be gone soon!" Lotus said as she file her hoof.

After a little while, Aloe took of the facial, "how is it look?" Rarity said as Lotus got a mirror for Rarity, "it still there…!" "Rarity?" Twilight said, "What's the point it can't leave this pimple would stay there forever and I can't be beautiful…(crying)!" Rarity cried and runs out of the spa as the mane 5, Spike, and the spa ponies felt sorry for Rarity.

The mane 5 and Spike was outside of Rarity's house hearing her crying, "what do we do?" Fluttershy said, "Rarity is our friend and we are here for her!"

Twilight said as they walk inside her house, the mane 5 and spike walk into her room and saw Rarity crying on her fainting couch and eating ice cream as Sweetie Belle hold the umbrella, "Rarity are you okey?" Twilight said, "no with this pimple on my face, I will never be beautiful again (crying)! Rarity crying as her mascara feel down her face, "Rarity you our friend!" Applejack said, "we are here for you!" Fluttershy said, "yay a friend!" Pinkie said, "your awsome!" Rainbow Dash said, "beautiful!" Spike said, "best sister ever!" Sweetie Belle said.

"when that pimple will be gone some mouths you will be happy!" Twilight said as Rarity think about it and said, "your right I am beautiful after this pimple will be gone soon I will be beautiful with out it soon because of my best friends and my sister!" Rarity said as her friends and her sister hug her.

2 Mouths Later, the mane 5 hear Rarity's screams and rush to her house, "Rarity, what's wrong?" Twilight said, "this the pimple is gone!" Rarity smiled, "thank goodness!" Applejack said, "now it gone and you not a drama queen!" Rainbow said, "very good!" Fluttershy said, "fantastic!" Pinkie said, "beautiful!" Spike said, "I'm glad to see that Rarity!" Twilight said, "yay I couldn't done it without my best friends and my sister too!" Rarity said as they hug each over.
Background Pony #ABE3
a episode called Pimple Face: When Rarity had a pimple on her face and she thinks with it and she will not be beautiful so her friends have to cheer her up.
Background Pony #1E0C
Meanwhile in ,,Tanks for the memories"
Rainbow Dash: crying and whining
Scootaloo: holding umbrella There,there Dash. Let's it all out. Tank will back in spring.
Rainbow Dash: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND,SQUIRT?! I DON'T WANT HIM TO GO! crying and whining

I know it has nothing to this picture but Dash can be sometimes drama queen too.
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@Goddess Erosia
I honestly don't wanna imagine what kinda diseases, and S.T.D.s they possibly have, considering the strange illnesses the show has already shown. Including one that turns ponies into trees.
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At first I thought you were saying Sweetie isn't any better than herpes.


Considering how everything in Equestria is all cutesy I wonder if they have a name like that for the condition. Sweeties. :(

"Oh my god bruh I think she gave me sweeties" "thats terrible"
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Oh calm down Rarity, it's just one little pimple. You can easily cover it up with some make up or something. Speaking of, you're ruining your mascara. You gotta invest in waterproof makeup if you're gonna keep turning on the waterworks like that.
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Rarity's stallion problem is that she has a very specific yet common standard and very little interaction with males who come anywhere near it. These traits amplify the existing problem of gender disparity already being forcibly meshed with monogamous relationships exponentially. On top of that, she's a highly dramatic spaz around any stallion she has interest in, which is an almost universally reviled trait, especially among males. Given her behavior, she has a better chance of winning a multi-million dollar lottery in our world than she does of meeting the stallion of her future without some arbitrary bullshit like most other relationships in the show.

Really, the zit is the least of her problems.