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safe1727319 artist:tjpones3186 princess cadance32789 alicorn228551 pony987598 behaving like a dog1383 cute202939 cutedance1275 dialogue66552 female1381694 floppy ears53239 frown23259 glare8270 grayscale38583 growling383 majestic as fuck1298 mare491166 monochrome150961 mouth hold17770 nom3077 offscreen character34956 peetzer122 pizza box330 simple background401201 sketch63664 solo1078272 that pony sure does love pizza120 white background100289


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Background Pony #0E4E
Most pizzas I eat have significant amounts of mozzarella, definitely not an aged, hard cheese. So, probably best to avoid.

It's always bugs me out: properly aged "hard" cheese (like Cheddar) mostly used in pizza does not have any lactose, it simply dissipate during aging. Only soft cheese like Camembert have lactose.