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Uncanny resemblance of two fluffy goofballs. ;3c
Practice drawing.

dead source46291 safe2173585 artist:dsp2003777 paprika (tfh)1525 pinkie pie255777 alpaca1610 earth pony446006 pony1601767 them's fightin' herds7793 g42027562 blushing273933 chest fluff65488 colored pupils13232 community related8226 crossover73086 cute265630 diapinkes12597 duo169704 female1801899 flower39445 forest15620 grass15336 high res407775 jumping4602 looking at each other34305 mare740583 mushroom1439 one eye closed45706 open mouth237366 pacabetes7 paprikadorable70 paprikapie11 raised hoof69858 river2677 signature43956 the fun has been doubled224 this will end in fun17 this will end in hugs67 tree49306 water25451 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2532


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Background Pony #9227
I guess you can say…
(Puts on shades)
The fun has been doubled