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Yeah, I had this idea about Wallflower Blush being incredibly busty under her clothes and had to draw it. I would shade it but too lazy since I accidentally combined all the layers of the file. Anyways, hope you like seeing Wallflower showing her surprisingly huge chest.
(Just realized I forgot to draw her freckles…)

suggestive190477 artist:nokozeze211 wallflower blush3022 equestria girls255529 equestria girls series40523 forgotten friendship6502 g42026459 big breasts125468 bra21739 breasts390230 busty wallflower blush507 cleavage46600 clothes633227 female1799691 high res407635 huge breasts58144 impossibly large breasts23555 solo1423871 solo female234133 stupid sexy wallflower blush83 underwear78687


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Background Pony #A840
its because you have zero good suggestive art of you while fluttershy has a lot.
dont believe me? too bad.
Background Pony #2558
Don’t worry at all baby, I noticed as soon as I saw you and I’m going to give you a lot more than attention soon~
Background Pony #40FD
Forget Fluttershy girl, those monsters are twice the size of your head! EACH!!! How is your spine still intact?!
Background Pony #592B
@Background Pony #3EF2  
They still exist as tag aliases. So at most, you could get titty tags for newly-introduced characters to have pun aliases without a mod like Zeb telling you off.
Background Pony #1A16
Y’know, the perv in me would say they’d notice her if she just walked naked… but given her luck that’d probably not work.
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Well you know she actually takes the risk of moving about, getting into all those clumsy, memorable spills that make people notice her, and helps her stick in their minds.
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