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The inevitable conclusion to this :D

GIF Version
(Uploaded to Postimg, so right-click and save to get the gif)
explicit346520 artist:badumsquish1940 derpibooru exclusive28045 twilight sparkle298611 alicorn221594 human153135 pony952781 animated97807 blushing195004 clitoris26855 cowgirl position6934 cute197593 cute porn6209 estrus1659 eye shimmer1211 female1348998 happy sex2092 human male6647 human male on mare3641 human on pony action10467 human penis11321 interspecies22648 looking at you165799 male367632 male pov7299 mare473453 messy mane7673 no sound4066 nudity365785 offscreen character33541 panting2876 penetration57308 penis151706 pov13815 sex119462 show accurate14363 show accurate porn6802 smiling243899 straight134852 tongue out102362 twiabetes11634 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123039 vaginal38940 vulva126067 vulvar winking11683 webm13045


not provided yet


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For some reason, when I use my imgur to view the gif, it says 'image currently over capacity'. And I can't see the webm version.
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ᗡ: 📶
@Deon Miller

Lol yeah I don't think there were any objections on his end despite the whole "We're doing it whether you like it or not" thing :P

My idea was that she tried to put it on, but being Twilight, she put it on backwards and it ripped. Then she just said "screw it" and pounced XD

Though I like this idea of her just not understanding what a condom actually is a lot better XD

That makes me wonder too. Like, realistically there must be like birth control potions and pills right? :P

They actually are in the pic but got obscured behind her arms. :P

@Background Pony #919D
I've actually only ever drawn them once. Not because I dislike them or anything but I usually just forget to add them :P

@Background Pony #4484
Sure, here you go. Right-click and save as or Imgur will redirect you to an .mp4 version :P
Gif version
In hindsight too, had I known it was going to look that decent I'd probably have done a gif in the firsts place but I'm trying to figure out webms better too :P