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Finally! I made a ref sheet for myself!
I was planning on making this for a long time (about 4-5 years) but now it's here!
Meet Vibrant Star — the submissive earthpony from District 8 [Districts of the New Crystal Empire Lunar Colony]
suggestive134950 artist:justafallingstar233 oc641148 oc only425910 oc:vibrant star89 earth pony222833 pony901617 artificial wings1453 augmentation59 augmented2269 black underwear3656 clothes434416 collar30912 colt14038 detached sleeves151 facial hair5399 hoodie13059 hoofless socks126 looking at you156315 male350175 mechanical wing590 panties48072 reference4069 reference sheet11449 sitting58866 socks61761 stallion100246 standing11197 underwear57998 wings92360


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