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suggestive132479 artist:ursa70 starlight glimmer45580 stygian722 sunburst6150 trixie63946 anthro239839 unguligrade anthro44365 boxers599 breasts253803 cape9508 card2675 chess391 cigar704 clothes425327 comic103245 cool starry bra13 dialogue60907 floppy ears47770 hat79417 lidded eyes28186 panties47304 poker342 poker chips56 purple underwear2060 smoke2388 smoking3897 starry underwear150 strip poker79 trixie's cape3492 trixie's hat4284 underwear57014 visor616 vulgar19635


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I absolutely love these designs.
Also, it's kind of funny that Trixie apparently took her panties off before her visor.