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safe2151404 artist:spookitty125 cherry berry2504 derpy hooves56990 doctor whooves11735 lyra heartstrings33869 mayor mare3794 merry may927 sunshower raindrops2682 time turner11735 writing desk194 g42004453 balloon12916 fan game501 game4771 movie accurate1837 pony tale adventures57 preview2209 train3395 train station603 visual novel192


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Background Pony #E94D
Writing Desk is be call Raven on this game, a mistake many fan make, we is easy to mistake her with twin Sister Raven!  
Writing Desk is a earth pony who work for mayor mare on ponyville.  
Raven is a unicorn who work for Princess celestia and Luna on canterlot castles!
Background Pony #0F40
Me, too. I would have loved to know what happened to the player character after getting lost in the Everfree Forest.