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“Jeez, is everyone getting huge these days?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she quickly discovered that Applejack wasn’t the only fattie who came to the festival to compete.

After managing to help Big Mac hoist his 900 pound little sister onto the back of his pick-up, Rainbow decided to look around and check out the various food vendors. As she turned the corner towards the hot dog stand, however, she was shocked to find none other than her classmate, Lyra Heartstings.

She was absolutely huge! Up on a small make-shift stage, Lyra was stuffing dozens upon dozens of hotdogs into her hungry maw with the swiftness of a well-oiled machine, a crowd cheered her on as she does.

Rainbow rushed over to get a better view of what was happening. As she got closer and saw the other two competitors off to the side, passed out with their bellies distended, it became pretty clear that this was simply a hotdog-eating contest. It was also pretty clear who’s going to be crowned the winner.

“Yeah, there goes Lyra.” A voice suddenly came up from behind Rainbow, making her jump a bit. She looked back to find it was another classmate of hers, a blue-pink haired girl who still looked to be in good shape. “She’s been stuffing herself silly for the past three weeks, and now it looks like it’s finally paying off for her.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Rainbow nodded. “Expect my friend, AJ, ended weighing over 900 pounds. Can you believe that?” She chuckled.

“Oh, my gosh, really?” The girl’s eyes widened as she continued to gawk at Lyra. “900 pounds, huh?”

“Anyway, I’d stick around and watch to see if this girl pops, but I’m feeling pretty hungry myself,” Rainbow scoffed as she made her way towards the other food vendors. “It was nice talking to you… uh… Sweetie Drops.”

“Uh… my name is Bon Bon, but thanks anyway,” the girl stated dismissively just out of Rainbow’s earshot.
Lyra - 380 lbs

safe2175066 artist:neongothic367 lyra heartstrings34105 all's fair in love & friendship games225 equestria girls255995 g42029994 my little pony equestria girls: friendship games14419 4k3354 bbw5711 belly43787 big belly19749 big breasts125805 breasts391267 busty lyra heartstrings1262 chubby cheeks5534 cleavage46741 double chin2695 fat28980 fat edit228 female1803565 food101343 high res407855 hot dog532 lard-ra heartstrings245 lyra scarfing down weiners12 meat2711 morbidly obese10503 obese15434 reality ensues517 sausage608 solo1426644 ssbbw2368 story in the comments980 weight gain5690


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@Background Pony #76A8  
Fat Cinch will look just weird. How about Bon Bon, Maud Pie, Roseluck, Fleur de Lis, Suri Polomare, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon…
Background Pony #0A04
You need to make a Fat Rainbow Dash, Fat The Dazzlings, Fat Principal Celestia, Fat Vice Principal Luna, Fat Dean Cadance, Fat Principal Cinch, Fat Sci-Twi, Fat Midinght Sparkle, Fat Gloriosa Daisy, Fat Crystal Prep Girls, Fat DJPON3, Fat Derpy, Fat Gaia Everfree, Fat Juniper Montage, Fat Starlight Glimmer, Fat Trixie Lulamoon and Fat Wallflower Blush too.
Background Pony #0A04
You need to make Fat Sci-Twi, Fat Rainbow Dash, Fat Principal Celestia, Fat Vice Price Principal Luna, Fat Dean Cadance, Fat Principal Cinch, Fat Gloriosa Daisy, Fat Crystal Prep Girls, Fat Juniper Montage, Fat Starlight Glimmer, Fat Trixie Lulamoon and Fat Wallflower Blush too.

I mean, that’s not generally how it actually works in real life, but if that’s the way you want to justify it, sure.
I’m just saying I think the picture is mistagged, that’s all. Nothing against the idea of fat edits, if that’s what you’re into.

>Fat people are actually at a disadvantage in hot-dog eating contests because their stomachs can’t expand as much due to all the fat surrounding them.  
Not if their stomachs are already used to holding insane volumes of food, then it becomes a regular meal

Not sure if the “reality ensues” tag is a good fit here. Fat people are actually at a disadvantage in hot-dog eating contests because their stomachs can’t expand as much due to all the fat surrounding them.
It’s for this reason that all the top competitive hot-dog eaters are actually quite skinny, and maintain special diets and exercise regimens to keep themselves in shape outside of contests.
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I hope the girls find out what could be causing this rampant obesity among the girls of Canterlot High…
But not too quickly, mind. Certainly not before Bon Bon’s had a chance to cuddle “Lard-ra Heartstrings”.
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Lyra is standing with Bon Bon at the bus stop, holding a special blue ribbon.
Bon Bon: Well, here’s something I never thought I’d see, you winning an eating contest.
Lyra: Heh. Yeah, me either.
Bon Bon: So… what’re you gonna do now?
Lyra: Huh?
Bon Bon: Well, you’ve been training and eating to the point where you have a big, green belly that can easily carry Thunderbird 4, you’ve won the contest and now you got the ribbon you wanted. So, what are you gonna do with all this fat you currently have?
A slight pause…
Lyra: What’s Thunderbird 4?
Bon Bon: Look, are you getting rid of the fat or aren’t you?! Cause I tell you, that massive belly might cause some problems in the future.
Lyra: Well,… I dunno. I kinda like being this big. It gives me a felling I can’t really explain.
Bon Bon: Soooo?
The school bus arrives in front of them.
Lyra: Eh. I’ll think about it on the way home.
Lyra starts to climb on the bus, but because of her massive belly, she ends up stuck in the doorway.
Lyra: Oof! Huh? Hhnnnngg!
Bon Bon: (Sigh) There! Ya see what I mean?
Lyra: Just shut up and push!

Tá cairdeas draíochta
Bon Bon wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to the situation unfolding before her. On the one hand, Lyra was at least taking the spirit of the training seriously… at least the part about carb-loading. On the other hand, she was on the fast track to weighing as much as a piece of small earth-moving equipment if she kept going the way she was. She was already having trouble fitting that huge gut and bosom of hers into anything but the largest, stretchiest of clothing. At this rate, she was going to be as colossal as Rarity before long.
“Lyra?” Bon Bon asked, tentatively placing a hand on the porky girl’s shoulder. “I know you’re just getting into the spirit of things, but… shouldn’t you be, you know, exercising? How are you going to compete with all this weight on you?”
Lyra looked up at her, rolling her eyes as a weary expression crossed her plump, double-chinned face. “Because, Bonnie,” she sighed, “all this weight is a natural workout in itself. When I lose it, I’m gonna have stronger leg and stomach muscles than anyone else!”
“I…” Bon Bon blinked. “I don’t think that’s entirely how it w-”
“Just time me when I tell you!” Lyra snapped as she grabbed a seventh platter of hot dogs.
Bon Bon sighed, getting a stopwatch ready. “Okay,” she said simply. “I’m sure you know what you’re doing.”

Bon: Come on Lyra! You can do it.  
Lyra: 2nd PLACE!? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!(pant pant)  
Bon: Be glad Rarity wasn’t there otherwise you’d be in 3rd place, and for heavens sake, chew!  
Lyra:(swallow) She just inhaled burger after burger(swallow). That can’t be(gasp) human.  
Bon: She turned into a she-demon, remember? All she had after that fiasco was pot belly.  
Lyra: Did you see her gut?! It grew twice it’s original size. It was like an over inflated beachball. And that was BEFORE the eating contest started! How do you even compete with someone like her?  
Bon: You don’t. And CHEW those hotdogs! You can’t just inhale food like her!  
Lyra: Ugh, fine (chew). I need to be ready for the next eating contest.  
Bon: I doubt it. You saw her after she won, right?  
Lyra: Who would’t? The lazy hog didn’t waddle. She just sat there with Twilight patting her gut, then heaved her at the back of Applejack’s truck.  
>Lyra leaned back, groaning  
Lyra: Bonnie, you need to help me.  
>Bon Bon is bemused  
Bon: You want me to call a forklift? I’m not carrying you around  
Lyra: No, no. I need you to help me prepare for the next eating contest.  
>eyes shot wide  
Lyra: You know…… a feeder  
>she didn’t  
>she doesn’t know what that means…..does she.  
Bon: A-a-a what?  
Lyra: Y’know, a feeder, to bring me food and encourage me to eat more and more.  
Bon: I-I-I can do that  
Lyra: Give gut massages. You know. Trainer stuff.  
>oh dear lord yes!  
Bon: I can totally do that.  
Lyra: Guess that would make me the official feedee.  
>if I could get a boner it would be the size of a barracuda  
Bon: D-did you just come up with those words?  
Lyra: (BWAAAARP) Yep. They seem fitting, no?  
Bon: You sure you haven’t heard them before? Anywhere?  
Lyra: Nope. I’m sure they don’t mean anything.