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safe2208538 artist:yakovlev-vad600 starlight glimmer60977 unicorn555013 semi-anthro23198 g42063543 :37167 :t4477 adorkable4393 alternate hairstyle38924 bed59746 chest fluff68049 computer8368 cute270881 cutie mark51409 dork4741 drink9294 drinking5296 ear fluff53044 eyebrows26479 fake cutie mark991 female1842117 floppy ears74880 fluffy20134 food103798 friendship throne744 frog (hoof)20623 glasses91007 glimmerbetes4831 hoof fluff3427 hoof hold13480 horn210080 human shoulders2101 laptop computer3365 leg fluff5486 lidded eyes50119 lying down49991 mare765934 nerd1277 on back35212 pillow26268 popcorn2046 poster7130 short mane2088 shoulder fluff3288 sitting95289 smiling410335 smirk18548 smug9402 smuglight glimmer315 soda2095 solo1454277 straw2527 thinkpad43 throne4429 throne room1836 underhoof70586 wallpaper20963


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It was a late night for Starlight and waking up with a yawn she realized Twilight was gone! On a friendship mission, even spike was gone. Score! Acknowledging her newfound freedom for the next week or so, she strutted naked across the castle humming to herself. CONFIDENCE, NO CONSEQUENCES!
Starlight romanticized and dreamed, stopping just as she was about to crash into the kitchen’s door. Rummaging through the snacks as she thought that she might catch up with Whooves of Hoofs on ponusflix with Trixie. No worry about her breaking something before, after or during bumping flanks, though a sigh escaped her Trixie was also away.
Snacks and soda in hand Starlight trotted to the throneroom! She squeed in delight, she was princess tonight. With a smug smile she placed herself upon twilights seat and declared loudly, herself proper princess of friendship and ponyville. The conspiring would come later though as she sank comfortably.
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Luna Best Pony~
Geez this is a lot better than I could’ve hoped for, great artwork by Yakovlev just like always!