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Yay it’s finally done. This pictured was commissioned by the Discord Server of

safe2155213 artist:dbleki116 scootaloo58450 oc936833 oc:blurry ice6 oc:cloudjumper20 oc:darkflame2 oc:darki3 oc:digidrop44 oc:doctor duff21 oc:dog whisperer32 oc:flush do1 oc:gastong1 oc:grayhoof50 oc:lightscribe1 oc:new leaf8 oc:novely1 oc:optic t-bone10 oc:queeto1 oc:ravirr1 oc:sleepy rain109 oc:spectrum feather7 oc:star stream8 oc:tairome1 oc:thunderbolt140 earth pony438214 pegasus488314 pony1583165 unicorn529204 g42007844 :p14133 biting5196 blushing269137 book42996 bronies.de15 clothes625970 community53 cowboy hat25219 cuddling10638 cutie mark51431 discord (program)324 dropping139 ear bite1905 earbuds1099 falling3518 fedora1267 flying54272 folded wings18947 glasses87323 hat122744 heart74724 high res406252 hug37199 kissing32152 nom3528 pile608 plushie30714 pony stacking10 scarf31870 silly8829 simple background585940 smiling390252 spread wings92076 tail hug314 tongue out145030 transparent background281253 wall of purple31 wingboner9578 winghug3855 wings217291


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