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I understand that this picture maybe too small to use in the collab! Please use the source link for a bigger, cleaner version!
I hope that the good people of Derpibooru don’t mind if I throw two of the most important characters in “The Underworld’s Cello” in the mix together. I would love to see these two mixed among vector ponies in their own pixelated style from the game.


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Have you gone to the official thread and asked? Also I’m not entirely sure of this, but I’m not sure if pixel art is allowed. I can be wrong and would take it with a grain of salt, but just in case I would ask the mods in the official thread about this.
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If the creators of the collab have any problem with this picture, I can also give you just Sour Note, looking back in the middle of the crowd confused. Frankly, I’d love strings to be pulled to allow mother and son to be together.