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A crossover with Fluttershy as Moka Akashiya from the manga/anime Rosario + Vampire.
This edit was based on the outfit (or lack thereof) worn by Moka in the animated ending credits of Rosario + Vampire’s second season. Sadly I couldn’t draw it as accurately as I would have liked because the large collar on the cape would completely ruin the reflection, so I had to improvise a little… and give Mokashy some panties to wear too  
The original version can be found here: Rosario Fluttershy ~
So ever since I started working on anthro art, I’ve had this idea in my mind - drawing Fluttershy with her vampire self as a mirror image. And since I enjoy doing crossovers with anime so much, I thought that drawing Shy as sweet, innocent Moka was a perfect fit  
Originally I had a much easier concept in mind that would allow me to copy and paste my own assets and flip them side by side to create a perfect mirror image… but being the glutton for punishment that I am, I decided to make things more complicated and draw something that would actually require a lot more work and careful interpretation. Ha! Why do I hate myself?  
All that said, I actually think this picture turned out pretty solid in the end. And yes, I am aware I left out Shy’s wings - I made the decision so that I wouldn’t obscure the reflected image any more than necessary. Let’s just say they’re tucked inside her uniform
It took a lot of time to mirror things up, and to decide exactly what should be mirrored perfectly and what should be a bit more abstract, but I like how it turned out. Hope you like her too!  
I think I’m getting better at this anthro thing, but I’d love to hear some feedback from you guys. Help me get better!

suggestive193331 alternate version89387 artist:ponyecho257 fluttershy262488 bat pony76765 vampire5962 anthro368090 g42063532 anime7740 black underwear4765 bra22324 breasts400441 clothes649629 crossover73976 female1842081 floppy ears74879 flutterbat8673 looking at you267634 mare765903 mirror7589 moka akashiya31 mokashy9 panties65014 race swap22296 reflection4854 rosario to vampire38 smiling410319 solo1454266 solo female239605 underboob5210 underwear80453


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