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I remember when I made the connection. I’ll get Fluttershy some fruit salad.
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@ALIS there's no canon for any of those creatures you mentioned eating meat. The only canon meat eating we have is the otters eating fish, some birds eating worms, Pinkie Pie with her hot dog eating contest, and Applejack eyeing that ham sandwich.
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@gg666 Chondrocladia lyra, aka "harp sponge" is carnivorous. Still doesn't eat Krabby Patties, though.

I'm pretty sure Fluttershy excepts the eating of other animals by certain species as a fact of life. She takes care of plenty of carnivorous animals.

V So she hate Griffons, Dragons, Diamond Dogs and any race that thinks and eats meat right on spec, but is fine handing fish personally over to Otters knowing full well they will be killed and eaten.

I am just going to say no and remake my original completely correct statement.

This Comic makes no sense and Fluttershy is OOC.
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@ALIS: I think what makes this different, is that Spongebob is a sentient being. He chooses to eat meat where as the otters have no choice, because of nature.