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Okay, I know it’s October and that Christmas stuff being put up three months before December tends to make people pull their hair out by the fist-full. But considering that “A Hearth’s Warming Tail” was released a few months before December, I decided it was okay to post this.

I’m one of those fans who believes that Derpy is the daughter of Minty from G3. And so I took advantage of the allusion in “A Hearth’s Warming Tail” to “A Very Minty Christmas”.

safe1751623 edit135940 edited screencap67250 screencap227565 derpy hooves50793 minty1269 earth pony266386 pegasus309562 pony1011558 a hearth's warming tail1520 a very minty christmas211 g36925 g42014 season 6950 candy7103 candy cane2461 christmas14159 christmas tree4204 derpy star73 female1402862 food73041 hearth's warming879 hearth's warming eve is here once again4 holiday20439 hot air balloon992 lights852 mare502682 mother and daughter6095 oh minty minty minty62 oops my bad61 stars16312 text62248 text box67 this will end in tears3441 tree33553


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Even Joshscorcher has come to the conclusion that Minty and Derpy are similar characters.