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Sky funeral
That moment when you step out into Times Square in the leader up to Dec 31st, 1999 and you’re over a thousand years old.
Background Pony #A93D
Starswirl: And this is a…Taco? Am I pronouncing it right?
Twilight: Yes
Starswirl: And I can only eat it on an allotted day of Tuesday or Thursday?
Twilight: Well, I mean, that’s only really a thematic-
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The Lost Primarch
For some reason, I kinda wanna see Starswirl have a moment where he catches up on Equestrian history he missed out on either through Twilight/Sunburst/some other unfortunate pony relaying him what he missed. Cue him reacting grumpily and being critical of the way things were resolved.
Sort of like the series “If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device” but with less swearing.
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(Foil Hat)
And Somnambula is ironically saved by Babs Seed. It’s not ironic because Babs is a bully, it’s ironic because Babs is appearing in the episode. Except now she’s voiced by Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack because Brynna Drummond now lives in Montevideo, Minnesota.
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I hate Oni.
I can see it now…
Flash Magnus disappointed that the Royal Guard/Wonderbolts aren’t the brave warriors of his time and alienating them when he tries to whip them into shape by convincing them to do dangerous fly-bys in dangerous territories.
Somnambula getting lost in some big city because she keeps hoping someone would give her proper directions or she’ll run into some street signs to point the way, but she keeps taking wrong turns and running into rude ponies, nearly driving her crazy.
Mistmane being ignored in Canterlot because she’s kind of old and prune-y looking and nobody really knows who she is.
Rockhoof going overboard on training some farm ponies because he thinks they’re getting lazy relying on modern machines/techniques instead of their own strength.
Meadowbrook is unused to the flora and fauna in modern times, so she keeps unintentionally bugging and bothering animals and ruining habitats to gather ingredients for potions.
Starswirl tries teaching in Celestia’s school, but runs the students ragged due to the complexity and harshness of his lessons, leaving them no time to play or have fun, almost breaking up their social lives.
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There’s gonna be a bunch of Samurai Jack related jokes about this season finale, isn’t there?
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The Tastiest
If there’s not an episode about these six dealing with modern day Equestria I’ll, I’ll…
have to write my own fanfic about it instead.