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Equestria at War!

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"Have you lost your mind?!"

Aftermath to 'A Royal Problem'.


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If that's your view, all the better for you, but I just can't agree to it. I never agree with "the end justifies the means" kind of mentality.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Bespectacled Birbcat

A character making a mistake and learning from it is a tried-and-true form of character development. Because real people do it all the time, and seeing a fictional character do it makes those people nod and think "Yep, I know that feel."

I think literally every character in the show does it.

So yeah, it kinda is her appeal.

Not that Starlight's actions in A Royal Problem were a mistake. They might have seemed inappropriate, but the end justified the means, and the princesses saw that, in the end, it was necessary.
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Last I checked Sunset you did not obey them to the letter either. Hypocritical much?
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Yeah, I know. I was trying to say that the tag was missing when I commented. But anyway, it seems the tag was added minutes after.

By the way, good picture. I wouldn't be surprised if Sunset has Twilight's same reaction. XD
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"I'm not a perfectly assimilated model immigrant like you are, Sunset. I'm the kind that speaks my own language, hangs around with ex-cons and weirdos, and doesn't respect the law."
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all I said was that it's not illegal to say, "I really think somepony out there should kill the princesses of Equestria… With a mortar launcher" cause that's it's own sentence. It's an incomplete sentence, but it may have nothing to do with the sentence before that, so it's perfectly fine