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safe1658573 artist:madhotaru480 oc655119 oc only432799 oc:littlepip4010 pony922745 robot7518 unicorn303933 fallout equestria16392 clothes442310 crossover60547 dead tree335 fallout3329 fanfic10322 fanfic art13924 featured image846 female1321543 glare8163 glasses59284 glowing horn18735 gritted teeth11527 gun15530 horn59325 magic70867 mare458296 pipbuck3417 solo1033189 steampunk1271 telekinesis26672 tree30932 vault suit3345 wasteland1214 weapon29451 zebra rifle75


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Background Pony #CEDB
It just hit me how much goddamn crossover is going on in this image and how I'm able to parse it all. Like if I showed it to my dad he'd probably have no clue what the hell he's looking at and also probably think less of me.
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Is it so, good sir? Begging your forgiveness, however, even with our civilization in shambles, our culture and poise prevails, quite unlike the pitiful spawn of your alternate future, where values like art, high fashion and etiquette were foregone in pursuits of trite matters like money, comfort and safety.

Even captured by our raiders, you are first offered a proper cup of tea before the inevitable dismemberment session. And while they may imply your mother might have been romantically involved with a hellhound, in order to offend your sensitivities, you will never hear a cussword more serious than… excuse me, 'plonky tart'.

Gay Viking
Beautiful, however her poised and proper demeanor is making it really hard for me to see the character in the image as Little Pip, at least it's nice to look at and has a unique idea going for it.
Background Pony #F66A
@Shadow the Hedgehog
Per The Smiling Frowning Pony's post about Featured Images:
We’d like to have a system for the featured image where one recent (<1 week) image is featured for 3 days, then an older image (not everyone’s been in the fandom since S1 or scanned through the whole site) for another 3 days, and repeat. Preferably these are images that either somehow slipped by unnoticed or are absurdly remarkable.
(emphasis mine)
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@Background Pony #C122
Cute image not affected by any of the Default spoilers, that simple.

People being overly sensitive to their waifus being stolen or whatever inane and tripe complaint they have over a bit-piece character from a side movie is their issue alone.