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all vectors © DashieSparkle
ASCII art + the "artwork" itself © ArterialBlack716, the person uploading this.

basically i thought:
1) there wasn't enough MS-DOS themed artwork on here
2) there wasn't enough enough silly "slice of life" stuff being contributed to the fandom anymore,
so since i have a DOS VM, i took the initiative and decided to contribute. :)

ASCII art by itself: >>1523223
safe1728424 artist:arterialblack71623 artist:dashiesparkle edit464 edit134282 applejack171597 fluttershy215014 pinkie pie218284 rainbow dash236314 rarity183720 starlight glimmer49241 twilight sparkle303284 earth pony257106 pegasus300554 pony988646 unicorn332942 ascii74 confused4820 looking at you172353 ms-dos24 reflection3233 smiling254606


not provided yet


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