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o/~ We’re gonna need a montage! o/~

safe2200610 artist:tony fleecs1702 idw21303 official comic5917 discord37834 fluttershy261570 spike93129 starlight glimmer60751 twilight sparkle361554 alicorn320111 draconequus20698 dragon87256 pegasus508751 pony1631061 unicorn551121 g42056636 spoiler:comic13316 spoiler:comic5777 book44317 comic137011 cropped61551 female1832487 friendship throne744 library4271 magic98103 magic aura9320 male560662 mare760232 montage102 speech bubble40992 telekinesis39700 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150965 twilight's castle5657 twilight's castle library501


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