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Oh no. I drew stuff.
It was inspired be a reply from one of the forums.
@Mr grump  
You sound like you like Trixie a lot more then starlight.
Maybe this should be your avatar instead?

C’mon, they represent the moon and sun and they’re both wizard wannabes held back by contrasting personality flaws, Trixie’s being overconfidence and a lack book knowledge and sunbursts being a lack of confidence and no practical skills. And they both like capes. They’re the perfect ship!
I ship both Starlight and Trixie with Sunburst. I mean, Feather Bangs has 3 chicks and that’s canon. But compared to Starlight, I really am more sympathetic with Trixie. Too bad Trixie and Sunburst have yet to interact in an episode. Might not be far fetched since they are both Starlight’s satellite characters and Trixie’s starting to get interested in magic.

safe2150407 artist:hironakamura5 starlight glimmer59291 sunburst8720 trixie78882 pony1578297 unicorn527043 g42003922 :36723 cape14268 clothes623788 cutie mark background2184 dialogue90821 female1776850 heart74239 looking at each other33421 male541565 mare726044 ship:trixburst145 shipper on deck1661 shipping250685 sitting90469 smiling388371 stallion191028 starlight shipper11 straight176039 thought bubble5126 trixie's cape5087


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Terminal Rex

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@Background Pony #7676  
Starlight’s drama started because she couldn’t handle Sunburst leaving. what better way to bring her story full circle and prove she’s not who she use to be then to be happy for him if he falls for someone else?
They can still be friends and I would think becoming Twilights student and becoming a better person is reward enough for not destroying time.
Background Pony #5C67
No, sunburst needs to be with starlight. Her destroying time and space needs to be worth something
Background Pony #F6BB
This is exactly how I pictured would happen:
  1. Starlight Glimmer plays matchmaker / shipper-on-deck between her best friends.
  2. Sunburst and Trixie have a vitriolic-best-buds / slap-slap-kiss relationship.
Background Pony #C721
Same opinion. The shipping is perfect. Trixie and Sunburst are a very interesting couple and have future.  
Sunburts is just what Trixie needs (and a bit of responsibility and disclipline too hehe), and in the other hoove, Trixie could bring the fun and emotion that Sunburst needs in his life x3  
They make a very interesting shipping