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safe1724970 artist:atryl2015 rainbow dash235973 twilight sparkle302849 pegasus299116 pony985310 unicorn331440 adorable distress569 barbell244 cute202595 dialogue66426 do you even lift150 double facehoof60 epic fail282 exercise694 facehoof1768 fail1403 female1379527 floppy ears53124 funny4184 halp40 heartbreak725 how243 leg warmers2498 mare489965 meme82374 nerd966 open mouth149529 speech bubble23733 sweatband560 unicorn twilight18107 weight106 weight lifting523 whistle1264 wristband3704


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@Lawful Girly
I would have to disagree, I have been told on multiple occasions that I am fairly intelligent, and yet I can bench a good 400, but then again, with my job, heavy lifting is a regular task.

@Lawful Girly
She's Twilight Sparkle. She has a horn on her head, she knows how to use it, but apparently she's forgotten that. Guess she's not the only one.
>It’d be an inverse relationship
>Implying fit people are stupid.
Screw you too, McFlabbers.
Background Pony #19EB
As funny as it looks, we all know that Twilight can walk with a boulder on her back from Discord's episode. She is stronger than she looks, and her levitation is far more powerful.
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Anyone who lifts should know that you want to have to have safeguards so if you drop the weights, it won't kill you say… by landing on your neck. I agree with Clowndicks… Twilight is being stupid lol
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Ugh, I hate doing that, consoling my trainers and convinnving them that their lives aren't meaningless after we just had a session.
Lawful Girly
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@Fag: Yeah, what DOES lifting capacity have to do with intelligence? It'd be an inverse relationship, actually, one would think. Which is why I can't lift shit.
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Well that's the shit I can bench without any real strain. I can lift bigger shits but not as much as I can lift smaller ones.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

This would be me, except not. I can bench at least 50. Which is still shit, but it's the shit I can bench. And I like my shit very much.