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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full Nudity may not make you a stronger fighter, but it can sure scar your enemy for life!!  
fullYou don’t even wanna hear about what I witnessed that fateful day!!  
full Hey, Rainbows!! Sorry about yesterday ––!!!  
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suggestive188800 artist:meiyeezhu341 rainbow dash277405 zephyr breeze2960 human240891 g42007505 anime7503 argument1130 ass80779 barefoot34910 belt9231 black belt165 breasts385407 butt226953 clothed female nude male2184 clothes625897 coat3888 comic134179 crocs103 cuffs6378 embarrassed15097 feet53917 female1781945 five o'clock shadow86 foot pad14 funny5438 gi322 humanized118173 jacket19591 kung fu162 male543364 man bun73 martial arts538 nudity505507 old master q505 outdoors20757 pants21988 parody17361 red face416 reference5402 ripped sleeves14 robe4816 run away44 running8010 shirt39548 shoes58350 stance75 standing24100 stripping814 traditional art141734 traumatized319 undressing6425 yelling4257


My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The Nootiest
Yeah. Translated it literally means “all-force”, the objective of the sport was simple: Get your opponent to acknowledge your superior strength by almost any means necessary. The only things that weren’t allowed were low blows, shots to the eyes, and biting. Its often thought of as the predecessor to all modern martial arts.
Pankration was what the Romans called it during their age.
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This cykas my blyats
My brother always said that if someone tries to fight you and they take off their shirt, you should take off your pants for intimidation.