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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
fullfullfull Not so nice having rain pouring on YOUR parade, eh lassy??!! fullfull
full full OH MY FRE&KIN’ GOOOOSSHHH!!!! fullI hope that umbrella isn’t TOO damaged from that strike!
full She paid good money for that neon paint job!!
Thief: Thief Reference by Ice–Midnight (you don’t saaayyy???)
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safe2186597 artist:meiyeezhu342 fluttershy260003 oc953929 oc:thief1 human247860 g42042702 anime7637 blushing276712 boots33698 clothes639856 coat3990 comic136187 crime130 criminal120 crying55889 dark5540 deviantart emojis1 douchebag92 electrocution317 fog1389 freckles44621 funny5521 galoshes72 hilarious168 humanized120392 jacket20214 jerk123 karma448 laughing11141 leather jacket5356 lightning4282 mean119 night38164 old master q506 parody17504 payback149 puddle1300 push44 pushing1117 rain7938 run away44 sad31506 shocked10191 shoes60071 shove97 shoving75 sneakers6514 splash503 surprised12881 thief421 thunder241 traditional art143915 trenchcoat994 umbrella3587 wet11800 wet hair1102


Background Pony #2C99
Twilight: fluttershy are you ok?  
Fluttershy: i am but not this lady who steal my Umbrella!  
Flash: let us take you home….Sweet Celestia what is get to her?  
Fluttershy tell twilight and flash.  
Twilight: i can’t belive the lighthing strike on right alter she steal your umbrella!  
Fluttershy: if she dead?  
Flash: i will look!…..yes she is! i better call the other guards take her body! thief or not , no one want to die like this!  
alter the guards take the body for fond out who she, twilight and flash take fluttershy home!  
Fluttershy: thanks twilight and Flash to my home!  
Twilight: if you need something call us, ok?  
Fluttershy: of course, Good night!