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safe1944744 artist:ruushiicz73 applejack186280 rainbow dash257072 earth pony350100 pegasus394415 pony1294342 appledash7176 butt touch6028 cowboy hat21409 feathermarking124 female1578083 freckles35680 hat106198 lesbian107509 never doubt tchernobog's involvement73 prone30394 resting622 seriously126 shipping227019 sleeping26348 stetson5427 unamused20148


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artists’ description:
Anyway, have some Appledash!
Now, I’ve been thinking about this picture/ship a lot during drawing. Almost every time I come across some Appledash media (whether it’s PMV, pic or story), there’s somebody saying that this ship could not happen, simply because they are both very proud and competitive characters and would argue all the time and such. And then there are those other people saying it’s not true and going on examples of how perfect relationship these two would have… Funny that even as an Appledash shipper, I agree with non-shippers more. There’s no way these two would have perfect harmonic relationship. So yes, I can imagine them argue a lot.  
This picture shows, how I would imagine them sometimes after some of these “arguments”.  
Basically, they argued and after none of them stepped back, they angrily lied down and waited for the other one to apologize. Rainbow felt asleep and subconsciously moved her wing over AJ’s cutie mark. It felt like a bit of a cheating for Applejack. It was Dash’s way of showing that she missed her apple’s closeness already (but this wasn’t the first explanation that popped up in AJ’s mind). Eventually, the farm pony let it go as both of them knew that they won’t let this argument get between them anyway. They were just too stubborn to give it up earlier.
Note to feathermatking:  
I have seen a lot of art with it causing blush, shivers and surprise. I always wanted to dive a bit more into it, work with its deep emotional potential and show it as more than a tool of flirting. I’m not sure how exactly Tchernobog imagined the use of this wing gesture, so I’ll keep this as my little personal headcanon.
My response to that, as Mr Feathermarking:  
This is actually a pretty fantastic use of feathermarking!
The way that Dash is saying something with her wings that she can’t say with her mouth. This might be one of the better depictions of what feathermarking can mean. I love it.
As for the non shipper’s argument, I’m not sure you agree with them as much as you do - they say that because of the competition, they will never be able to have a good relationship, because it causes arguments. But what you said, “Eventually, the farm pony let it go as both of them knew that they won’t let this argument get between them anyway. They were just too stubborn to give it up earlier.” pretty much fits the bill. They are headstrong, and despite their similarities, they are different enough that arguments will arise. But they mean enough to each other that they won’t let it get between them.
So all in all, a great depiction of another aspect of feathermarking that’s beyond the flirty aspect!