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suggestive190566 artist:maniacpaint495 princess cadance40011 princess celestia112616 princess luna117099 twilight sparkle357390 alicorn313705 human244988 g42027049 alicorn tetrarchy1232 big breasts125543 bra21751 breasts390458 busty princess cadance4453 busty princess celestia13782 busty princess luna9810 busty twilight sparkle16358 cleavage46631 clothes633562 crown29864 curvy9801 cutie mark51372 dress61909 female1800516 fusion7174 gloves30051 heterochromia8702 hourglass figure2973 huge breasts58177 humanized119426 jewelry112787 panties63689 preview2219 regalia36351 sample188 see-through7477 side knot underwear649 simple background595127 solo1424486 solo female234282 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148999 underwear78726 watermark24029 white background161240 wide hips30380 zoom layer1953


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Background Pony #2754
abusing a fusion is a hax. why it’s too op. because it creates waifu(s).
Somber Star
Whatever bird that's dumber than a duck. Imagine I made the effort to research that and make a new badge for it. - Either a complete retard or a full time moron, it's hard to tell which and frankly I don't care either way

Just to be clear, what we’re looking at here is a gestalt of the following:
A 1,000 year-tenured teacher.  
A 1,000 year-imprisoned convict.  
A “love” magic specialist.  
A nerdy librarian.
All of whom are demigoddesses and royalty. This woman is probably hornier than every tentacle monster ever conceived.