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vagina was requested like that by commission person

Hi, if you like my art please consider checking my Patreon out. Thank you :D
There are alternate versions of pics too, and bigger res, etc.
explicit327127 artist:darkstylerz396 derpy hooves48640 pinkie pie207459 pegasus257223 pony883295 anus89813 balloon9753 balloon fetish404 balloonbutt3618 commission58588 crotchboobs19400 cutie mark43835 dock45792 female1285982 female focus5998 food64274 frosting712 human vagina on pony3528 impossibly large vulva53 licking18756 looking at you152571 mare439404 nipples151540 nudity343600 plot73075 presenting22387 rear view10680 solo focus15721 table8526 teats7287 tongue out94988 vaginal secretions37526 voyeurism2085 vulva117191 whipped cream694


not provided yet


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She is definitely sweet and all. But there are so much more to this artist! I see this picture more as paid work well done than true world of dreams and fantasies. Pinkie Pie is just presenting herself to viewer. Not much details to discuss. Don't get me wrong, I adore her, especially her little juicy pink anus, I'd worship it, caress and lick it all day and night.

I'd recommend to see other pieces by this artist. It's worth the time.
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