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3/2/17 edit: I added the glowy effect behind NMM’s hair. I also added ear holes to the helmet on Twilight’s head. Premium content has been updated as well.
suggestive162209 artist:sammy-upvotes28 nightmare moon18086 twilight sparkle322135 alicorn256826 anthro295859 armor26194 ass60924 bedroom eyes67722 big breasts97625 bra18095 breast envy503 breasts319282 busty nightmare moon1555 butt143107 cleavage38718 clothes525746 clothes swap1635 curvy7765 disproportional anatomy426 eyeshadow20103 female1517624 floppy ears60093 helmet12459 hourglass figure1972 huge breasts45381 lesbian104500 lesbian couple66 lesbian moon22 lesbian twilight58 makeup27685 nightmare moonbutt498 panties54951 shipping220174 small breasts3470 smiling302803 stupid sexy nightmare moon900 sweat30910 the ass was fat16899 thick5078 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133554 twimoon109 undersized clothes63 underwear67270 white panties238 white underwear3649 wide hips21560


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Background Pony #1E6A
I love Twilights reaction here compared to her response to Luna in one of Sammy’s earlier pictures.
Can’t figure out what the piece of armour on the top of the clothes rack is though.
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Young Leosword
In the Moon takeover timeline, Moon makes Twilight a kunoichi in her personal guard… And then they do it. That’d be a great fic. ;3